Mission Scrubbed

With much regret, we must announce that deployCamp 2015 will not go on as planned. Our discussions with people generated a lot of excitement, but unfortunately this excitement never manifested itself in the form of tangible support via sponsorships and registrations.  The few people who had registered have been promptly notified and fully refunded.

As a user driven event we did not have an option of continuing on with the event even if it happened to lose money due to lack of registrations or sponsors.  Losing money would have meant substantial cash out of our own personal pockets.

While we would have liked to held the faith and waited for more registrations to come in, we also did not want to do the unprofessional thing and cause speakers and registered attendees to lose money on booked travel and missed opportunities.

We have some ideas around trying something more scaled back later in the year but for now these are only ideas. We will notify folks on our Mailchimp list and via Twitter (@deployCamp) if any of these are able to become reality.

Thank you to the people who supported us in a tangible way through registrations and scouting in Raleigh for the venue.  Gary Mitchnell at The Manufacturing Connection was one of the very first to jump on and gave us free advertising, made connections for us, and was really excited to share our big idea. Be sure to follow his blog to get an unbiased view and news of the manufacturing industry.

Finally, a sincere thanks to the speakers who saw our vision, and were were willing to give up time and effort to join our little project. We were both really excited to see the presentations our speakers were bringing to deployCamp, and are disappointed to miss out on the opportunity to learn from these talented individuals. We encourage you to follow them on Twitter: Gary Mitchnell (@garymintchell), Mindy Curnutt (@sqlgirl), Dan Thyer (@LogicalDan), Will Zurkan (@guynamedwill), Ryan Hildebrandt (@RMHildebrandt), and Andrew Rodgers (@acedrew).

Remember, we’re still going full strength with aaOpenSource and would love to have more folks participate and engage with us on GitHub. We have real code and tools you can use today. Take a look at our project list and see if anything strikes your interest. Get a GitHub account, try code out, leave comments, and contribute back!


Andy Robinson (@archestranaut)
Eliot Landrum (@eliotlandrum)